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Cal Fall 2009 semester preview

Well, actually, the semester started last week with classes starting yesterday. However, since things are still getting cleared up. I will still write a "preview" of sorts of the Fall 2009 semester. It won't be very long, so no cut.



General Astronomy C170 4 Units
Thinking About Music 49A 3 Units
Musicianship 49B 3 Units (Wait Listed, but I'm on the roster)
Harmony 49C 3 Units
Selected Music From the Middle East (Music 74) 3 Units


Vocal Performance 410 1 Unit
Piano Performance 405 1 Unit
Choir 2 Units

Need to place into a Choir, I've been rejected from the University Chorus and it's not likely I'll make the Gospel Choir. My last bet is the UC Men's Chorale, my audition is next week. Need to audition for Voice and Piano.

That's right, in my first semester at a university I could wind up with 20 units. I'm okay with that, I think I can do it. It has been overwhelming at first but I think I can succeed since I have lots of time for studying and research.


9-10 Harmony
10-11 Musicianship
12-1 Hertz Hall Concert (Wednesday)
12-1 Astronomy Discussion (Friday)
3-4 Astronomy
5-6 Vocal Performance (Wednesday)

10-11 Listening to Music
11-12 Piano (likely)
12:30-2 Middle East Music
3:30-4:30 or 4:30-5:30 Middle East Music Discussion (Thursday)

During this welcome week I've attended several events including a reception at the Chancellor's House on Monday and New Student Welcome Night on Wednesday, hosted by some of the Christian Asian groups at the school. Some of the people in the group befriended me and I'm considering joining Koinonia although I'm not religious and don't intend to be. So it's a tough decision.

I also hope to be in the UC Rally Committee and I'll try to join next Wednesday.

Not everything has gone right. For almost a month I had a block on my account due to not submitting my IGETC records (I was oblivious to this requirement) and it took forever to get this block cleared. During that time I could not receive financial aid, meaning I was unregistered almost 10 days past the deadline. However, everything's cleared up now and my entire registration fee should be paid by the end of the week.

After graduating from Laney with honors in Music, I struggled in the placement exams and placed in the lowest level for Musicianship and Harmony, mostly due to struggles in sight singing. However I have decided not to panic or feel sorry for myself and work to pass 49B and 49C and get into the Music Major.

I also began the semester with a cold, and I still have it, making the choir and sight singing auditions difficult. (I did not pass any of them.) I've also had issues talking to people because I didn't want to make them sick. HOWEVER, things have still gone well socially. I've reunited with 3 people from Laney in the Music department, and have run into an old crush from a year ago ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. We are not taking a class together, but the odds just won at around 1PM Wednesday and I saw her near the entrance gate. Everywhere I go, especially when the Christian groups are concerned, people talk to me and try to get me into social groups. This even happened at the Cal Lair Pub, but that wasn't that great.

I've joined the Cal Rec Club, meaning (once I feel better) I will use their amazing facilities to get back in shape. I've made it a goal to get to 150 pounds (I'm around 165) by the end of my time at Cal, which could be in 2 or 3 years. I also intend on joining a recreational sports team, likely dodgeball or flag football.

I'm also going to attend every Football and Men's Basketball game, several women's basketball, volleyball, softball and baseball games in addition to being a Raiders season ticket holder and Oakland Raiders Booster Club member. So this will be a very special fall for lots of reasons.

I'll write more shortly.

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