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Spring 2009 Academic Wrapup

Because I'm having trouble rounding up my top 5 best moments (I have 18 moments to choose from), the delay continues. I expect it to be done on Sunday.

For now, all my grades are in.

At Berkeley City College

Intro to Biology - A (Stunner, I didn't think I did well on the final at all, but I must have done better than I thought. I may also be one of the better students, in the case the teacher went by a curve, similar to my upset A in Geography last semester)

Jazz/Blues History - A (Got an A on all my tests, didn't do much of my homework but I did do the final concert review)

At Laney

Music History - A (Got an A on all my tests, good attendance, good relationship with the teacher)

Choir - A (good attendance, went to all the performances)

Voice - A (good attendance)

Piano - A (performed finals)

Basketball - A (good attendance)

General Exercise - A (blew away required hours, 36 i believe when i needed 30)

Communication - A (got an A on all my speeches)

Critical Thinking - B (the one Blemish, none of my essays were A quality)

GPA: 3.845 which brings my cummulative GPA to 3.444 through 8+ semesters.

I'll do an acamedic wrapup following my 3-4 social writeups.


Other stuff

After returning Sonic Unleashed (X360 version) I got Yoshi's Island DS and Mario Kart Wii on Gamefly. Mario Kart Wii isn't that great, but I'll try and play more of it before I return it. I've beaten Yoshi's Island DS but I want to 100% it. However it's very difficult (the last world especially), so I don't know if I'll be able to do so.

The main game I'm playing is Banjo Tooie on XBLA. I did not get to play the game on the N64 so this was the first time to me and I'm loving it. I've nearly beaten the game and 100%ed it, though admittingly I will say that 10-12 of the 90 jiggies were assisted by FAQs. I always beat myself up after looking around an area for hours and cannot find the solution to a particular puzzle and then I look it up and the answer was obvious (I overlooked a cracked wall, I missed an area after exploring for hours, I did not take advantage of a particular special move that I had) and I felt horrible. Nearly all the Honey combs, Cheatos, and Jinjos were found without a FAQ, but about 5-6 combined were. I can be proud of that at least. I'm holding off the final boss (which I've unlocked) until I get all the honeycombs and cheatos (3 combined)

E3 is back! I actually enjoyed watching all the press conferences and I really wish I could have been there. I don't think I'll ever go to another one, I don't have any affliation with a gaming website and I don't intend to, but who knows... I don't really talk to any of my Nintendo buddies anymore, but it'd be cool for a reunion. Speaking of which, several of those people are here on LJ but I don't know if they read my entries or update theirs. Either way, Hi.


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