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Well Graduation was Thursday, I'll have some pictures up soon. For now, it's time to look at the classes that ended and those that are continuing for one more day. I'll mix in some social updates. A full wrapup will be posted in LJ cut for length.

Finished classes

Passed make-up final on Wednesday. My last attended class was May 7 because of the Honor Banquet and the Graduation on the 14th and 21st respectively. I never talked to anyone during the class besides the teachers.

PROJECTED GRADE: A (100% certain)

Attended both required performances. One of my favorite classes, as usual, though like every other class, no goodbyes were given.

PROJECTED GRADE: A (100% certain)

Attended every class, performed extra credit final. It was the only class where everybody was aware I wasn't coming back, as I announced it on the last day, and I got some nice goodbyes from some people.

PROJECTED GRADE: A (100% certain)

I got an A on all four tests. I did not complete most of my homework but I have one concert review to finish (due Wednesday, it's almost done). A lot of the people in the class were awesome, but because of the unexpected last day on Monday, I didn't get a chance to talk to some people I wanted to, and overall I didn't say goodbye to anybody as I finished the final in about 2 minutes.

Test 1: 19/20
Test 2: 18/20
Test 3: 19/19
Test 4: 10/10 (assumed)

PROJECTED GRADE: A (90% certain)

I attended all but one class, although I did leave early 80% of the time, so I don't know how that will play out. I never made friends and I was awful at basketball so I skipped most of the scrimmages.

PROJECTED GRADE: A (90% certain)

I attended every class and I got mostly A's. During the last class, I made the tough decision to leave once I got my grade (I was the first one to get it) and couldn't say goodbye to anybody, though I wasn't close friends with anybody. I did get an ovation, twice, for the fact that I was graduating later that day.

Why am I taking this class? Check
Who Am I? A (content), A (speaking)
Antwone Fisher and Me: A (content), A (speaking)
Group Speech - Group: B (content), B- (speaking) Individual: A (content), A- (speaking)

PROJECTED GRADE: A (100% certain)

Completed the required 30 hours for an A, even excluding 2-6 bonus hours for the times the computer we checked in on was broken, and it was broken a lot.

Not a lot of talking during this class, there were a few good moments though, but none in particular in the final days.

PROJECTED GRADE: A (100% certain)

While all my finished classes are sure A's... the three this week are up in the air. Music History will likely be an A, but the final will be very difficult and could drop me to a B. Biology and English will likely be a B with slim chances of a miracle.

I have attended every class, but I have been late at least half of the time. This has serious penalties. I do not see how I will get an A in the class. The class is essentially over but I will meet with the teacher on Tuesday to determine my grade. On that day I will present a paper with my estimation for my final grade, and also make a case for an A. (Involving learning and application) I do not see it happening. Since it will be a personal meeting and then I leave, it is unlikely I'll get to say goodbye to anybody, but similar to Speech class, I wasn't really friends with anybody.

30% of grade
Essay 1 (Observation of a Fruit): 80/100
Essay 2 (Language and You): 84/100
Essay 3 (Fact-Finding): 75/100

20% of grade
Essay 4 (Fallacy Finding): 88/100

30% of grade
Essay 5 (Group Debate): ?

20% of grade
Checks are one point, Check+ is two points, Check- is .5 points

Chapter 3 Quiz: Check minus

Journal Definition 1: Check
Journal Definition 2: Check+
Journal Definition 3: Check+
Journal Definition 4: Check
Journal Definition 5: Check+

Journal Nonviolent Communication Ch1: Check
Journal NVC Ch2: Check
Journal NVC Ch5: Check
Journal NVC Ch7: Check
Journal NVC Ch8: Check
Journal NVC Ch11: Check minus
Journal NVC Ch12: 0 (didn't turn in)
Journal NVC Ch13: ? (turned in)

Debate Meeting: Check
Debate Evaulation (other team): ? (turned in)

Checks (projected): 18, 17 needed for an A

PROJECTED GRADE: B (80% certain)

The final has 55 questions and all the questions are given in a study guide, though not with the answers. Also there's a listening test with 25 questions. I have not studied but I have some time. The real problem is that I'll have to write a short essay on one of three topics and I don't know where to start on any of them...

Socially there's been a huge problem these last fews weeks as I've gotten, to put it nicely, the "silent treatment" from Leslie. Why? I dunno. It makes me very sad. We've known eachother for four semesters now (even saw her in the Nutcracker last Christmas), we've always been more than okay with each other, and I was hoping these last few weeks would be special. Instead, she's completely brushed me off. The one time she answered a question of mine she answered very condescendingly. When we pass by each other outside of class she looks away and ignores my waves, and always looks around concerned to make sure I'm not around. More on that below.

This is a huge problem and I don't know if it'll be resolved Wednesday, where I'm pretty sure after that I'll never see her again. I want to know why, whether it's her or me. It'd be nice to talk to Sophia as well. However, because of the fact that I will probably finish the final before or after them, I may not talk to them. It's not like I haven't failed in saying goodbye to everyone else. (aside from those who are, and will be on my Facebook/Myspace)

Beethoven Test : 4/10
Midterm (Written): 46/50 A
Midterm (Listening) 25/25 A
Final (Written): ?
Final (Listening) ?

PROJECTED GRADE: A (75% certain)

The final looks very difficult. I may not get an A on this one, and that may seal my fate as a B student. However, if I pull off the A, I will get an A in the class.

I don't know if I'll get to do a study guide with anybody as I was late to Bio class (missed the Lecture completely and was late for the Lab final) and finished the lab test early enough that I couldn't talk to Janneth or Mary Carmen about meeting up to study. So I may just go to BCC on Tuesday and see if they're around. I want to have a chance to say goodbye to them. Other than my Choir friends, they are easily my favorite classmates this semester.

Midterm 1: 69/75 A
Midterm 2 66/75 A
Lab Exam 1: 44/50 A
Midterm 3: 61.5/75 B or C
Lab Exam 2: ? (Projected 38/50)
Final: ?

Homework 1: 19/20
Homework 2: 19/20
Homework 3: 20/20

Labs: All 26 turned in. 2.5/2.5 on all but two (2.0/2.5)

PROJECTED GRADE: B (75% certain)



Week 18: May 18, 20-21

Monday started out with a rare early entry into Music History class, at 8:50am (by contrast, I was at class at 9:25 last Wednesday) but it always seems to end the same.

I missed a huge chance to talk to Leslie when she hung around the classroom sitting at her desk. I decided since I didn't want to be "creepy" I'd leave and hope she leaves shortly after and I can approach her then. Instead, she apparently left the other way and I'm not sure she even hung around campus as I didn't see her for the remainder of the day (I usually do). That could be a huge blunder if I don't talk to her again. I think I just gave away what didn't happen Wednesday?

No Basketball on Monday, so I hung around and exercised for a bit before hanging out at the Music department, hoping I'd run into some friends of mine but I did not. Instead, I went to Berkeley and was surprised to find that the BCC Choir was doing a show, and it was pretty good. I liked that all 12 or so singers had solos, I'm jealous! During the show, some girl I do not know commented on my Depeche Mode shirt, wondering why I would wear a shirt that reads "Pain and Suffering in Various Countries." I just explained that they sing about the harsh reality of life, or something like that. She did not buy it. She seemed very creeped out at me. I don't know her, so who gives a crap.

After the Choir I went to the Bio Lab at 1pm, only the second time i've ever done that, and didn't really come intime to learn anything, so after Bio I also went to the 4:15 lab. That went better as I got a good amount of notes, and I also hung around talking to the girls Mary Carmen and Janneth for a bit. I asked them if they wanted to study together on Tuesday, but they didn't give a complete answer.

Also, inbetween Bio lec and Bio lab I went to the PC lab, and ran into Analisa. I had a chance to walk up to her and talk to her but instead I went to the computer lab. Less than a minute later she also came in, and decided for some reason to sit next to me. She asked very quietly if the PC was taken, and I said "sure!" and she didn't believe me, but it was moot because the PC wasn't working anyway so she sat somewhere else. I think that's the first time this semester she said anything to me, but it wasn't much.

After Bio Lab I went back to the PC lab, she was still there, talking to some guys, and I worked on my debate paper and gave up on my Jazz homework. I got a call from Cal Football, talked to them about season tickets, then went to dad and we had Pizza. Before I left, Analisa came out for some reason, but a janitor(?) saw her and talked to her (man is she popular) and thus I couldn't talk to her and I just left like I didn't care.

The little period before Jazz History is typically interesting. Monday I met Janneth's husband, sort of, in that I saw him. I might have gotten a comment on my Depeche Mode shirt or two.

It turned out that Monday would be my final Jazz History class, as there was no class today because of Memorial Day and no alternate time was scheduled. So, it was time to prepare for my final test and say goodbye to people right? During the break, I talked to several people, which I rarely do, but we all had a fun time hanging around. I said goodbye to Lauren who decided to leave before the final. I think she wound up being the only one I did that too. I completed the final in about 2 minutes, the second overall to do it. The guy before me made some big statement that he enjoyed everybody before he left. I decided, not to be a copycat, to just leave in silence. I hung around to see if any of my friends would complete it as well, but I didn't see anybody so I headed over to BART, said goodbye to one person and went home.

That night, I found out I had a Facebook friend request from JQ. My friend from Choir added me which was great news. I was going to ask him about it if I had the chance, so I'm happy I was spared the trouble.

No school Tuesday, I voted and headed over to Oakland to play Mario Kart Wii and Yoshi's Island DS at Dad's for the first time.

Wednesday I was a little anxious and tired, and I was enjoying Mario Kart, so I was very late to class. (9:25) After class, I left again without talking to anybody, and was hanging around waiting for Leslie to be around, but she didn't. I started to sulk about it but I realized that everyone was staying after to get help from the teacher about the Final. So I went back, but I found out she was actually talking to the Music Chair about next semester, and I couldn't talk to her. I only spent a minute or two getting as much answers as I could. I then went to the Student Center and got some water. I then went to the fitness center when Leslie walked by. I tried to get her attention but she would have none of it. She looked away and didn't say a word. I was so frustrated I threw my cup of water to the ground. What a waste of perfectly good fresh ice-cold water. I went into the final Basketball class fired up, but wound up only staying 20 minutes as I couldn't stand the class anymore. I'm glad that was out of the way.

I went back to the music department, this time thinking if I saw Leslie I would run up to her and find out what's going on. The problem with that idea? I'm very shy, and a coward, and I knew that it could be a disaster if people thought I was harassing her, especially if there were police around. So when she walked by, and again, ignored me, I slowly walked up to her before giving up (she knew I was doing it and was probably creeped out enough) and went inside the department.

I talked to Gaby for probably the last time, as she was studying Japanese in G189, despite that the next class there wasn't for another two hours. She said she liked the silence. I hung around a bit, played Yoshi's Island on my DS (with headphones) before heading over to the PC lab to work on my Debate paper.

At the PC lab some guy who couldn't type anything paid me $5 to type his paper (he had written his report, only a page long, on his notebook) Other than that, not much to note.

I decided to visit the Wednesday 2PM Voice class, as I anticipated this being the last day to talk to several friends including Ruben and as previously mentioned, Gaby. I meant to perform one of my songs but the stuff with Leslie got me too down and I sung a Carlos Jobim song instead. (Quiet Nights & Quiet Stars) However I wound up not saying goodbye to anybody. Gaby left early and I didn't want to interrupt Ruben's conversation with his friends, who incidentally I also knew and couldn't say goodbye too. I may get one more chance next week.

So in doing this, I missed Bio Lecture completely, and went to the Bio Lab where we were having a test. The test was given out early, so I had no chance to talk to anybody. I finished before Janneth and Mary did, so I couldn't ask them about meeting up this week. Looks like I'm screwed in that department. I didn't do so well on the test either.

I left and headed to Oakland where I was going to watch The Decemberists with internet buddy Sammy. It wound up being a fantastic show, making up for a lackluster day with many disappointments. One interesting moment happened halfway during a show when some girl (I remember her name, not saying it) talked to Sammy for a while. He brought me into the conversation and she seemed quite into the show, she and I tried to guess which songs would be performed in the second set. After the show, she left without saying anything. Sammy wanted me to ask her out, heh. Saved me the trouble of not doing it!

Thursday I was 15 minutes late to English again, and the class was only 25 minutes long. So I just found out that we have an assignment on Tuesday before having a quick meeting with the teacher. I asked my classmates what I missed (not much) and left to the PC lab. The PC lab was closed, so I had to go up to the Business department and use their lab. However, I ran into Viky from a year ago, and we had a nice talk about what majors we were doing at school (She used to do Music, now she's doing Accounting) I told her I was graduating today (at the time) and I enjoyed the talk as we walked up to the Business lab. However I needed to register so I had to run over to Administration to do so. I then went to the PC lab and worked on my Jazz paper, my English Grade paper, and also watched Olbermann and the Daily Show. Several people I knew showed up, this girl from Basketball, two people from the Music lab (James and Marc) and Elaine (Spanish 2B last year, also see Week 11 this semester) but I didn't talk to any of them and none of them noticed me, or if they did (especially in the last case) didn't want to talk to me.

After exercising at the Laney Fitness Center for possibly the last time, I went to Communication class for the first time. The teacher, who's in charge of Phi Theta Kappa, asked the class if anybody was graduating. I was the only one who raised my hand (the other person in the class who was graduating was absent) and I got a nice standing ovation. Dr. Cherry did a one hour speech on how to move forward with our lives, then gave us all our grades individually. I got mine first (got another standing ovation) and decided, as I pointed out earlier, to leave. I was debating this, and I was staying and buying time but eventually I decided to just leave. I wasn't that close to anybody in the class, so it wasn't that big a deal that I didn't say bye to anybody.

I went home, had a nice burger at the nearby diner, watched the A's game and headed over to Graduation. I ran into my other graduating classmate from Comm, and a few other students before and after I've known over the few semesters. It was nice to see some classmates who I didn't even remember say hi to me and congratulating me. It felt really good. A few teachers, including Dr. Cherry and my Geography teacher from last semester giving me congrats too. The actual graduation ceremony went well, I messed up my hat so I looked very weird, but I didn't care (makes me stand out!) and when I went out on stage some people shouted my name and it was neat (Think I know who it was, a shame I couldn't say hi to her).

Afterwards I had sushi and asian food with family, and I went home.

I started to talk to JQ on AIM about school and stuff, we had some interesting conversations... none that I'd post here.

Week 19: May 26-27 WHAT'S IN STORE?
TUESDAY: 8:30-10am English 5
I turn in a paper estimating my grade for the class, and made a case for a higher grade. I haven't finished it yet. Since the meeting is private, and I'll likely leave afterwards I don't know if I'll see any of my classmates. I probably will, but not everybody, and I dunno if there'll be goodbyes or anything. I wasn't particularly close to anybody.

After that I'll head to the music department and see who's around. Likely the music chair will be and I will want to thank him for all the support I've gotten from the Music department, and him personally for being a great teacher in the 4 semesters I took his classes (Fall 06, Spring 07, Fall 07, Spring 08).

Then I'll go to BCC and see if there's a study group for Bio 10. Otherwise I'll go to the PC lab and study. I plan on being home by 5.

WEDNESDAY: 8-10am Music History, 2:30-4 Biology 10
I head over to Music History early and take the written test. There's 55 questions, and all of them have been given to me sans answers. I will spend the next two days researching. There's also an essay question, that I could elect to do early. All 3 subjects (only have to write about one) seem very difficult though.

At 9am we will have the listening test. I have already written down notes for all 25 songs (it's open note) and project a 25/25 score but I will rehearse more for insurance.

After that I will leave and hope that Leslie and Sophia finish around the same time, I will try to find out what's going on with Leslie and why she's not talking to me. I'm not holding my breath that I'll be successful, but it'd be nice to have some closure.

Afterwords I'll stick around and try to meet up with some friends from Sight Singing and say goodbye to them, but that's not likely. I'll probably have a long chat with my Music History teacher about the road ahead, and see if I run into anybody else.

Then before 1pm I'll head over to BCC for one last study session for Bio 10. I may run into Analisa and I'd want to have our first conversation of the semester that day, but again, success is unlikely. I hope to find Janneth, Mary Carmen, and everyone else in our little clique to study and possibly give goodbyes. Maybe I'll run into my sister's friend Janelle and her friends too, and maybe I'll talk to people I haven't talked to all semester. Who knows?

After I take the Bio test, I expect to leave after I finish but I may hang around and play the DS as I have nothing better to do. Again, I plan on being home by 5. After that, the Spring 2009 semester will be over!

Other stuff

The Decemberists concert on May 20th was amazing! I wrote about it during the school updates but I'll repeat it again.

"I left and headed to Oakland where I was going to watch The Decemberists with internet buddy Sammy. It wound up being a fantastic show, making up for a lackluster day with many disappointments. One interesting moment happened halfway during a show when some girl (I remember her name, not saying it) talked to Sammy for a while. He brought me into the conversation and she seemed quite into the show, she and I tried to guess which songs would be performed in the second set. After the show, she left without saying anything. Sammy wanted me to ask her out, heh. Saved me the trouble of not doing it"

Sonic music is awesome, I've updated my ID3 tags for my MP3 player, crediting the composers instead of just saying "SEGA" as artist. I've been meaning to do that for like a year now.

On Saturday I went to the A's Diamondbacks game and checked up on my Raider family. We had a great time, but after the A's had a 5-1 lead, all on 4 home runs (Jack Cust, Jason Giambi's 400th career HR, Adam Kennedy and Nomar Garciaparra). The bullpen blew it and Arizona tied it at 5 in the 8th inning and went on to win 8-7 in extras. The fireworks show at the end was great. Only problem (besides that the A's lost)? It was way too cold. It's late May, it should not be 55 degrees with wind chill of maybe 20!

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