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School Academic and Week 17 Social Updates

No LJ cut. No set to private. I want this out there, not hiding...

With two weeks to go, it's time to check out the situation with all 10 classes, three of which are over already. I'll do it in order of which classes end earliest.

Although there was class on the 14th and there will be one on the 21st, I can't attend either because of Honor awards and Graduation ceremonies respectively. I will do a makeup final sometime in the next few weeks and will get an A if I do.

Already ended on the 12th. Clinched an A by performing at both concerts.

Clinched an A by attendaning every class. I sang Handel's "Lascia ch'io Pianga" as an extra credit on the last day (May 14).

Have already clinched an A based on attendance, although I should check with the teacher on that. I have two more classes on May 18 and 20, but will probably get an A even if I skip them, which I'm considering! I really don't like the class.

I pretty much have an A on this one as I've aced all my assignments. I only need to attend Thursday's class (which doesn't have a speech or test) to pad my chances.

Why am I taking this class? Check
Who Am I? A (content), A (speaking)
Antwone Fisher and Me: A (content), A (speaking)
Group Speech - Group: B (content), B- (speaking) Individual: A (content), A- (speaking)

I already have the 30 hours necessary for an A. May 22 or 23 is the last day to exercise.

The only class where I am unlikely going to get an A. I'm averaging a B right now and my debate paper is due May 21 which will determine my fate. Tuesday May 26 will merely be a meeting with the teacher where I will discover my final grade. Although I've been late way too often, the fact that I haven't missed a single class (likely the only person in the class who can say that) will boost my grade.

Essay 1 (Observation of a Fruit): 80/100
Essay 2 (Language and You): 84/100
Essay 3 (Fact-Finding): 75/100
Essay 4 (Fallacy Finding): ? (turned in)
Essay 5 (Group Debate): ?

Chapter 3 Quiz: Check minus

Journal Definition 1: Check
Journal Definition 2: Check+
Journal Definition 3: Check+
Journal Definition 4: Check
Journal Definition 5: ? (turned in)

Journal Nonviolent Communication Ch1: Check
Journal NVC Ch2: Check
Journal NVC Ch5: Check
Journal NVC Ch7: Check
Journal NVC Ch8: Check
Journal NVC Ch11: Check minus
Journal NVC Ch12: 0 (didn't turn in)
Journal NVC Ch13: ?

I will clinch an A by getting at least a B on the final (I will probably get an A) on the 27th.

Beethoven Test : 4/10
Midterm (Written): 46/50 A
Midterm (Listening) 25/25 A
Final (Written): ?
Final (Listening) ?

I will clinch an A by getting an A on the Lab Test (May 20th) and the Final (May 27th). I will get a B if I fail to get an A on the final. I have attended all but one class and have turned in all my assignments.

Midterm 1: 69/75 A
Midterm 2 66/75 A
Lab Exam 1: 44/50 A
Midterm 3: 61.5/75 B or C
Lab Exam 2: ?
Final: ?

Homework 1: 19/20
Homework 2: 19/20
Homework 3: 20/20

Labs: All turned in. 2.5/2.5 on all but two (2.0/2.5)

I do not know whether the final will be on the 26th, 27th, 28th or 29th. Regardless I already have an A on 3 of the tests. There are 4 tests and the worst grade is dropped so it doesn't matter what I do but I want to finish strong. I do however have homework due on the last day of class (and the second to last, for that matter) so it's imperative that I get that done or I may not get an A!

Test 1: 19/20 A
Test 2: 18/20 A
Test 3: 20/20 A

Week 17: May 11-14

I came into this week with high expectations and that usually leads to disappointment. So it won't surprise anybody that in fact, Week 17 was a huge disappointment. I however cannot ignore the great things that have happened this week. The honor awards dinner was amazing. Voice class on Thursday was amazing and saw my Spring 2008 hug drought end at exactly 4 months, however I thought I had good shot at getting a hug on all four days of the week. Wednesday night was great, and it was great seeing Sammy again Tuesday night.

This is the final four day week of the semester. Weeks 15 and 16 were complete weeks (All four days of the week with no holidays, all classes went forward as scheduled and I attended them all), although English 5 only lasted about 15 minutes on each. This week qualifies as a complete week even though I didn't attend Piano class and there was no Choir on Wednesday because Tuesday was the final. I had a priority on Piano class with a dinner so that is a legit replacement (as opposed to me just skipping the class, being sick, or the class being cancelled)

Monday's Music History class, besides the music, wasn't very good. I didn't talk to Leslie and things were still looking bleak with our friendship. I didn't even try to talk to her.

Basketball continued to be a chore, I think I left 20 minutes in in the 45 minute class.

Before the final Choir rehearsal I went to the student center for a bit and saw JQ with some people I didn't know. I talked to them for a while (they liked my Bleach shirt) and then I went to class and Marc was there and we talked for a minute before Sophia came in. I didn't say much to her but I said hi to her nonetheless. I had told Marc on Thursday that I had a little crush on Sophia but I didn't do much with her in that situation. It didn't hit me until later that I won't get another chance like that. She also takes Music History but I don't get a chance to talk to her then. The class went as normal. Afterwards I hung out for a few minutes with Kate, Gaby and JQ but it wasn't as long as normal. I left to Berkeley afterwards.

After Bio lecture I went to work on my debate for a while in the PC lab and Analisa was behind me on the PC doing something on Powerpoint. This wasn't the first time, but unlike the other time she actually did wave at me when I got up and left. (Kind of hard to miss me, I was right in front of her, but she managed to the first time likely on purpose)

During the Bio lab we inspected plants and wrote about them. As usual I sat with Janneth, Mary and Nicole and also worked with Peter and his friend. Also as usual we got out much later than everyone else but I didn't mind. It was fun.

Jazz and Blues History was pretty good as I messed around during the break with some leftover balloons from Cinco De Mayo in the Altrium. Also, people gave out free snacks and I got some, woohoo. An embarrassing moment came when I returned from the restroom and when I got to my row I had entered the wrong one. What I mean is, you could only get in the desk from the right side and I was on the left side. So I had to walk over the desk, which I would do successfully 99% of the time but this time I tripped and knocked the desk over. I put my hand on my backpack to prevent the desk from completely falling over and making lots of noise but everyone saw me. At least I got some attention out of it!

Tuesday morning was the big day. I had a Debate, Group Speech and Choir performance all on the same day. The debate went over decently as I had to debate the merits of legalizing prostitution. Although my points were solid I relied too much on notes and my rebuttal to the pro side's argument of trafficking was awful as I channeled my inner Sarah Palin. (I honestly thought of the VP debate while I was making no sense and getting nervous)

On to Voice class. I watched some ladies sing for the final and they did a good job. Didn't talk to anybody. I tried to talk to Amanthis but she kind of ignored me as I asked her (rhetorically, the class was over) if she was going to sing something. She smiled and didn't nod or answer, and I just replied "I'm sure it would have been good" I've decided that there was a good chance I mumbled the question, and definietely mumbled the response. After class we both went to the Student Center (not together, just coincidence) and I saw her with a guy, and probably found out why she didn't respond to me. Another girl with a boyfriend avoiding me completely. Sucks. Though he could have been her brother or something, I didn't see them kissing or anything.

The group speech was flubbed too. Although one of my groupmates who spent a while in the hospital came back, we had to prepare our slides at the last minute and it didn't turn out very well and our group got a low grade. An awkward but good moment came when she handed us all our individual grades IN FRONT OF EACHOTHER and I was the only one who got an A (everyone else got B's).

So after exercising and being in the PC lab for a few hours watching Olbermann and Maddow while working on my debate paper, I went to the auditorium to perform with the Choir for the sixth and final time. This was going to be real emotional for me, but the problem was, nobody knew it was my last performance except a few people. So I didn't get any special goodbyes or any special applauses or anything. I was also mad that my dad, because he couldn't find parking, was late and missed nearly the entire performance, including all the good songs. (He just saw the final two numbers, both spirituals) The lone highlight was that Sammy came over and watched me. We talked about stuff for a bit, as it was the first time we've seen each other since January 13. We are going to see each other again on Wednesday for the Decemberists concert.

I got into a fight with dad afterwards about something silly and the night ended quite miserably. I was also bitter about the lack of attention I got after class, but realistically what should I have expected? Nobody knew it was my last time and really, why should they care? A few people who have been around as long as me should have, but everyone else not so much.

Wednesday was the usual, Music History check, not talking to Leslie, check. Also, when she came to class, she was blushing and giggling about something. This hinted to me why she might be avoiding me now, and it's the same reason as Analisa, Amanthis and everyone else. But there's a twist. A few bad coincidences and suddenly I appeared a stalker. I decided not to go to the fitness center because I didn't have time and I went to the student center instead where I saw her sitting talking to one of our classmates. She saw me hanging around and went off into hiding though she didn't leave. I went out and sat at the benches in the courtyard to think about things and she came out. I'm not sure if she saw me but it didn't matter.

After leaving basketball again 20 minutes in, I went outside the Music department and talked with Marc about girls for a while. He is more than double my age but he told me a lot of interesting information. He also told me that he was a bisexual and actually thought I was attractive. I showed no negative emotions, I was actually complimented but I cannot seriously consider being bisexual at this moment. We talked to Sophia who walked by and found out some things about her, that she wants to be an actress among other things. Marc did almost all of the talking, I merely told her as she left that I was happy that she joined the Choir. I don't know if she's taken, but I assume she's reserved because she's into her studies. That's what Marc suggested.

This is where the fun began. Leslie walked by but she was on the phone. (Probably with her mom, to notify her she's taking BART) I decided to go to BART with her. I had planned this all semester but unfortunately now we're not talking to each other. I thought maybe I could find out what's up but as I considered the prospect of having to conversate with her for 20+ minutes I choked and decided not to talk to her.

So I sat near her, and she eventually noticed me. When I looked away when I saw a former classmate from last semester (Racquel, Geography 1A) I noticed her walking away quickly to the other side of the BART station. When the BART train came I also walked to the front car and sat on the opposite side of the car, hidden away. However, when people exited, I saw her look around for me and she spotted me. I acted naturally, reading my notebook. I wanted to send a message that she can't avoid me like that, but I already lost interest in talking to her.

I departed at the Berkeley BART, had lunch and went over to BCC. I ran into a few classmates, Lauren from Jazz History, Jose from the Spring 08 semester, and saw Analisa eating lunch at the Chinese restaurant with her boyfriend(?). This was the first time I was at BCC at 1PM since January 28, so I decided to check out the 1:00 Biology Lab instead of my usual late slot. I didn't care much for the people there. Although both Bio labs are 100% people younger than 30 (i'm guessing), I thought the people there, mostly people just fresh out of Berkeley High, were a little too preppy for me, as opposed to the more laid back 4:15 lab people. Also, my sister's friend Janelle appears to have dropped, so I didn't get to chat with her. We watched a movie and wrote a report on it. I only went to the first half of Bio Lec, talked to Janneth a little bit and left for Laney.

At Laney I participated in the final Music Workshop session where students gather around and show eachother musical works. I sang a capella "Lascia ch'io Pianga" by Handel, which I was going to sing for Voice class the next day and everyone liked it. Afterwards I got to talk to Marc again, along with Shanti, Christina and a few others for possibly the last time. It was fun.

I stayed for Reager's Wednesday night Voice class to get a chance to perform for the people there one last time. I sang "Danny Boy" which we also did for the Choir. I went home after that without saying goodbye to anybody. This includes Nicole, a cutie from Choir, and some tomboy who is very reserved. Kind of cute, I was sad I didn't really get to meet her.

Thursday started with another debate. This time I watched other classmates argue about Sex Education and whether it should be taught to kids.

But the big moment was Voice class as I was going to sing my song for the class as well as announce that I will leave for UC Berkeley the next semester and this was likely going to be it for all the friendships I accumulated during my two years taking Lucy Kinchen's class.

Everyone showed up, including the two pretty girls, and my old friends. I got my picture taken in the grass (may never get to see it) and sang beautifully. I got lots of congratulations and I lost track of the hugs I got. None of them were from people my age, but I think I got around 6, including the teacher. One of the interesting ones was from the lady I mentioned in week 13 who chided me for talking to myself. We didn't bring it up and I was very nice to her. I have class you know. A few notable people I did NOT say goodbye to, both of the two pretty girls (though I was sitting next to Amanthis, she kind of mouthed "bye" without saying it and I waved back but I didn't think much of it) and Mikhail and Eve (older classmates), from Choir so I was saving my goodbyes for Voice instead. I did talk to Eve on Tuesday but I reserved final goodbyes for Voice. It was disappointing not to talk to them. I may see Eve on Thursday, but I'm pretty sure I will not see Mikhail anymore.

Speech class had one more group speech to watch and they were pretty good. Some people found out I was graduating and wished me congratulations.

Afterwards I watched the Jazz Combos perform, talked for a minute with the Music chariman Jay Lehmann, who I took classes with for four straight semesters but not anymore because I've finished taking all of his, pretty much. Didn't talk to anyone else really.

Another big moment was attending the Honor and Awards Ceremony at the Hilton Oakland Airport. Several people I knew were there and saw me on stage with other Honor Graduates and it was awesome. The food was great, and the speeches award winners got were very inspiring (I actually was thinking "What am I doing here?" since I didn't have the same commitment the award winners got) and it was memorable seeing friends of mine, who weren't aware I was an honor student, congratulate me.

Afterwards, I left and dad and I talked about girls for a while. End of the week.

Week 18: May 18, 20-22

- I plan on calling out Leslie on our situation on Monday. Will I get the chance and what will happen?
- Will I get a chance to ask out anybody in Jazz History? I'm thinking about it.
- It's the last day of Speech and most Music classes. So will I get to say goodbye to those people?
- How will I handle Biology's final days, can I join a study group?
- Will I talk to Analisa? Sophia? Kate? Gaby?
- Will I actually enjoy my final days of Basketball class?
- Most importantly, how will Graduation (Thursday) go?

Man, a few years ago there were absolutely no social drama going on. It was just boring. As sad as all the drama is, I'm happy at least things are interesting. I want a happy ending, though.


In other news, I finished Sonic Unleashed. I returned it to Gamefly and I will be receiving Mario Kart Wii and Yoshi's Island DS next week (I just changed my subscription to 2 games at once). Pretty fun game, especially the daytime levels. In the two months I had it, I beat the game, completed every level (including bonus acts, but not DLC) and have earned at least a C on every mission including bosses. I've also beaten all the daytime levels without dying (Eggmanland notwithstanding) and have beaten three of the 11 nightime acts without dying. I have collected all but about 4-6 souveniers and at least half of the art books and records. I have 154 Sun and Moon medals. I have only done about 3 of the hot dog missions. I will try and do more when I buy the game later this year.

Also, I got Banjo Tooie, which I've never played before until last week. It's... interesting... hopefully I can beat it but it's kind of tough.

I'm also listening to the Sonic Unleashed sountrack right now.

Decemberists concert next week, I'm so excited! It will be my first rock concert of 2009. I went to 5 last year. (Including the Decemberists and a Colin Meloy solo show, alongside The Pillows, The Cure and Radiohead)

Depeche Mode's lead singer Dave Gahan is ill and DM has cancelled a few of their concerts. I'm quite worried.

I avoided a scare last Mother's Day when I locked one of the cats in the kitchen because she was disrupting my sleep and she escaped through broken glass in one of the windows and went missing. We found her a few houses away, it could have been disaster. We've lost a lot of pets but never one directly because of one of my actions.

I watched Death Note 3 Change the World a few weeks ago and despite a slow start I enjoyed it. I still have not seen a 2009 movie in a theater (or anywhere) this year.

I paid my $100 Intent to Register yesterday, securing my spot as a Cal student in the Fall 2009. I'm thinking about getting season tickets for Cal Football. I'm really excited about their season as it looks very promising. Plus the A's are horrible right now so I'm more impatient for their season to start.

Have a nice day, sorry for the length of this post.


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